References & Recommendations

Reference Letters


Rick daCosta, Professor, Niagara College (Canada)

“Maxim was as much an educator as he was a student! He is a naturally inquisitive learner, well informed from his general awareness of current events and has an excellent grounding in the nuances of World culture and its significant events and historical signposts. His wirk habits are exceptional, well disciplined , creative and a stickler for accuracy. Any employer in a number of fields related to business or public institutions will find this man an asset to work with as well as a motivated self-starter. I can’t recommend anyone more highly. If you are considering Maxim Grigorovich for a position in your organisation, I would be pleased to provide a formal reference or field a telephone interview to elaborate.” September 9, 2011

Mark Parker, Professor – International Business, Niagara College (Canada)

“It is with pleasure that I offer this endorsement of Maxim Grigorovich. Maxim proved to be a diligent student committed to exellence and attaining an in depth understanding of topics studied. An individual who consistently presented learned and well considered opinions for discussion, Maxim always held a mature composure in the face of academic challenges. He displays much potential and I would be prepared to offer further details as required.” July 25, 2011

David Bonnell, President at Anchor International Import/Export Agents and Consultants

“Maxim is the “Ovechkin” of International Business Management! If you want the sharpest edge on your team Maxim is the man! His energy, intellegence, and genuine great personality was an honor to have known. Having completed a number of projects with Maxim during my time at Niagara College was the highlight of learning and growing for me. Maxim great team player and contributer who always goes the extra mile.” July 20, 2011