The following article was published in August 2008 by local Moscow newspaper ‘Star Boulevard’:

“Floating bubbles have returned to the Ostankino park [north-east of Moscow]. This is a unique attraction on the water. A visitor gets into a huge bubble that is inflated and tightly zipped and pushed into the pond. This is a fantastic experience: balancing on the water with completely no stability.  This attraction was established by five fifth-year students.

‘The idea belongs to Maxim Grigorovich’, – told us one of the attraction cofounders Ivan Parfenov. ‘He found a bubble [zorb] in St. Petersburg and moved for starting a business like that. We are high school friends, so we decided to work together.’

It took them about a month to obtain all the necessary permits and required papers. In the meantime, they also purchased equipment – rescue boat, zorbs and a powerful compressor. The appearance and parameters of a floating platform that the attraction is based on they computed [and built it] together with their parents.”

You can find the original Russian version of this article at this web page: Link